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Women Who Build Empires

May 21, 2021

In this digital day and age, can you imagine PR without a website nor any marketing material? Probably, not. But just because it seemed impossible doesn’t mean it is. My guest for this episode was able to overcome the odds. Andrea Holland, the founder and CEO of Remote PR Jobs, became a PR Goddess even after starting her business without a website and any marketing material. What she had was her story. Join Andrea and me in today’s conversation as she takes us through her journey of being a digital nomad, jet-setting abroad doing business, along with the hurdles she faced in the way—from cultures to time zones and everything in between. She also breaks down some misconceptions about PR and shares tips that will get you in the door. Looking forward, Andrea then tells us about her plans for the future and what she is hoping to integrate into her business post-COVID. Learn what it takes to grow your brand and business halfway across the world, all the while doing the unexpected, in this great discussion!