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Women Who Build Empires

Jul 25, 2023

Waiting for doctor’s appointments, especially with sick kids is a pain in the butt.


Patty Post was tired of wasting time in doctors offices waiting for her kids who had strep throat to be diagnosed even though she already knew they had strep. Patty had spent years as a corporate medical device expert and knew that...

Jul 18, 2023

Banks are more than a place for your checking and savings accounts. 

Beth Hoving started her career in banking because of her love for both people AND numbers. Over the last 20+ years at Bank of America, Beth has held different positions that have enabled her to be involved in every aspect of business, from sales to...

Jul 11, 2023

Law School is Hard and Passing the Bar is Even Harder

Alison Monahan was a successful patent attorney who was tired of selling her time. She finally quit her job to write the book she’s been talking to friends about when she connected with her now business partner.

Together, they formulated Law School Toolbox,...

Jul 4, 2023

Do you consider yourself a woman of influence?

Felicia Shanken started the Philadelphia Women’s Network Connection with a couple of events, a Facebook group and a big dream of what she knew she could accomplish in 2018.

Fast forward 5 years and Philadelphia Women’s Network Connection (PWNC) has become a national...