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Women Who Build Empires

Jun 27, 2023

How do you define your leadership?

Dez Rock knew when she chose to be a stay at home mom, that would be the start of building her legacy.

Over the years, one law degree and multiple businesses later, Dez's life experiences have culminated in how she leads in her global business, SIEMonster. She has faced incredible...

Jun 20, 2023

Would you like to be wealthy?  

My guest, Jennifer Whitaker shares her remarkable 25-year journey as a certified life coach, spiritual director, and philanthropy executive, 

Early on in her career, Jennifer found herself driving through a wealthy neighborhood in her old beat-up car. She was struggling to pay the bills....

Jun 13, 2023

As a healthcare provider, the idea of being on the brink of burnout seems counterintuitive but after 20 years Catie Harris left her position as a hospital nurse.


Frustrated yet determined, she found other opportunities in nursing that led her to start NursePreneur, an online platform where nurses can take their ideas...

Jun 6, 2023

From service provider to CEO

Jen McLamb, Founder of Vital Touch Wellness, established her business in 2003 in a renovated barn. For years, she chose to keep her business small. However, in 2021, after managing to stay afloat through Covid and along with an ultimatum from her business landlord, Jen took a leap of...