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Women Who Build Empires

Aug 23, 2022

This week my colleague, Judith Richey, Founder of A Force for Transformation takes over the mic and asks me about how my brain works through challenging times, how to improve your sales mindset and what it was like completing a 30 day challenge where I had to ask for help every day.

Judith left a successful career that, from the outside, looked like she had it all going on. What only a few knew was how completely miserable and unhealthy she was.

After healing and transforming her life, Judith uses the energetic and spiritual methods she learned with her clients to guide them as they release the patterns of interference that are holding them back from having their dream life


[00:01 – 08:19] Opening Segment

  • I lose and recover my phone in Italy
  • Have a backup plan for when things go wrong
  • What happens when you reach out to five people weekly whom you haven’t been in touch with


[08:20 – 17:02] Phone Scammers and Connections

  • I was targeted by a scammer which led to losing my phone
  • Be more cautious and aware when travelling!
  • The importance of creating connections


[17:03 – 25:41] Journey to Becoming a Female Icon

  • I share my initial inspiration for becoming an entrepreneur
  • A divorce, two kids, and myself
  • Why I Started Health Coaching and Empowering Women


[25:40 – 34:05] Faith, Traditions, and Sales Block

  • How Your Faith and Traditions Serve You
  • Judith Richey, business coach and consultant for women entrepreneurs
  • Healing from the Body Level Up
  • How to Overcome Your Sales Block


[34:06 – 42:33] Closing Segment

  • Benefits of a Well-Functioning Workplace
    • Increased productivity
    • Less stress
    • A sense of community
  • How to Have a Well-Functioning Workplace

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Tweetable Quotes


“For the people who are in the more of the beginning phases it's really about creating consistent sales and getting them” – Judith Richey


“Crappy stuff happens and it's up to us how we choose how to process it.” – Emi Kirschner