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Women Who Build Empires

May 23, 2023

Women must have a seat at the table if we want to solve global issues.

Susan Sloan shared that the latest research proves that when women are involved in peace processes, an agreement is 35% more likely to last at least 15 years.

There are also more opportunities than ever before for women to step into leadership positions, especially in diplomatic rolls. where women excel in building long term relationships that make a meaningful difference.

In this episode, we have the pleasure of speaking with Susan Sloan, an accomplished communications strategist, DEIA advisor, and the author of the insightful book, "A Seat at the Table: Women, Diplomacy, and Lessons for the World." Susan's expertise lies in advising organizations on gender equity and fostering a "diversity of thought" approach. With an impressive background in diplomacy, advocacy, and experiential education, she has engaged with over 80 countries. Susan has been invited by heads of state, Fortune 500 companies, universities, nonprofits, foreign ministries, and international institutions to share her expertise on gender parity, equity, and equality. 

In this episode, we talked about:

  • How Susan's journey in Antarctica reshaped her career and life vision
  • How being fully present can transform your life
  • Insights into women's experiences in the past decade - Navigating the challenges
  • Embracing Flexibility: Gen-Z Inspiring the Evolution of Workspaces

Get Susan's book: A Seat at the Table: Women, Diplomacy, and Lessons for the World






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