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Women Who Build Empires

Nov 1, 2019

Andrew Ellis is a passionate educator that has a personal mission to help his students build self-confidence and embrace who they are as individuals.
He creates a classroom culture that allows students to express their viewpoints without judgment. For the past three years, Andrew has worked as a teacher at Saint Edmond’s Academy in Wilmington, Delaware.
Culling lessons from his childhood experience gives him the foresight and encouragement to put into the teaching style that has saved him from the depression he had back then.
School is not always the right place for a child to thrive, with all the bullying and peer pressure surrounding the kids. But Andrew wants to bring about change in the educational system. He shares the kind of relationship he cultivates with his students to help them act and think.
Join us in this episode as Andrew shares a practical approach to education.
02:05 - What influenced him to become a teacher


10:25 - Andrew's teaching philosophy


14:18 - Developing a positive teacher-student relation


24:59 - Andrew's take on parental involvement of raising their student

26:53 - What is one thing no one knew about him that shaped his vision and views in education


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