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Women Who Build Empires

Dec 27, 2022

Givelle Lamano is an entrepreneur and owner of an all-women law firm in California.  She is a recipient of the Super Lawyer Rising Star award and ranks in the top 2% of over 65,000 attorneys. She’s a regular contributor to Forbes on business, strategy, and diversity in the workplace. She has been featured in the Daily Journal for her social justice work and is published in INC for her articles about women in leadership.


Let’s face it! It’s hard to be an entrepreneur and create your passion into a profitable reality if you don’t have the courage to push it to the limit. In this episode, Givelle features her journey from survival to skyrocketing success, including her failures and how she learned some life-changing lessons. The insights, tips, and advice that she shares on this podcast will help you tremendously in your mission for success and becoming the next one-of-a-kind entrepreneur. Listen to this wonderful and full-of-knowledge episode.

[00:01 - 17:27] Opening Segment

  • Givelle started who she is as a wife, entrepreneur, and as attorney.
  • She shares what it was like growing up and the experiences she had when starting her own business.
  • Givelle shares her opinion about finding balance and flow through consistency.


[17:28 - 26:23 ] The American Jain System

  • She tells the story of how she started her own business out of necessity.
  • How she practiced the law very differently, and why she decided to work with all women.
  • She explains the US Prison System and its rehabilitation


[26:24 - 30:51] The Brilliant Networking Tip

  • Givelle tells her plans for the expansion of her business.
  • She gives out some advice for those who are just starting out.
  • She also shares a networking tip.


[30:52 - 41:00] Closing Segment

  • Success has something to do with self-awareness and doesn’t afraid of failure.
  • The best things about working with mentors and coaches.


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Tweetable Quotes


“Pause, stop, and ask yourself, how am I not going to react to this, but respond to this so that it actually does the most for me in alignment with my values.” - Givelle Lamano


“And that's where I think breathing and just pausing and just stopping and having compassion for ourselves and being kind to ourselves is just, you know, more important than a lot of things.” - Givelle Lamano


“Just because this is how things work doesn't mean that's how it has to continue to be.”- Givelle Lamano