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Women Who Build Empires

Mar 27, 2020

Cass (Oryl) Bailey is the founder and CEO of Slice Communications. She believes that integrated public relations, social media, and email marketing efforts are critical for growing businesses looking to accomplish their business goals.

Cass brings a wide variety of experiences to the communications strategies she develops for the firm’s clients. With a background in international politics, economics, and philosophy, communications have become her passion and she has been tapped by various industry associations and the media to share her insights and experiences in the field. She is also the host and emcee for Mashable’s Social Media Day in Philadelphia, one of the largest events of its type in the United States.

With a lot of entrepreneurs now taking the chance to pivot, this episode is for you. Cass talks about the step by step process of how she started her business with her partner, eventually sold part of the company and then bought it back. She talks about what the secret sauce to creating great content is and how she shuts her mind down at night.



- The first step when once recognizing there is a gap 

- Components of an advisory board

- Why is it important to get help and mentorship

- The role of resiliency on Cassandra’s business

- Step-by-step guide on how to create a compelling content

- 5 different types of contents and how to use it

- How to promote content as a thought leader



How to Create + Promote Thought-Leadership Content Every Week


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