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Women Who Build Empires

Mar 13, 2020

Erin Duffy is the founder and CEO of InspirationSQRD, where she helps mid-career professionals rediscover their story and transform their lives. Before starting InspirationSQRD, Erin managed a dual career. She worked as a vice-president for a creative agency for 25 years and a professional singer and actor at the same time.

Today, Erin talks about the power of story and believes that our stories powerfully define us and are the catalyst to redefine our past. She emphasizes the power of being authentic. Listen to her beautiful golden voice as she sings to us during the last part of the show.



- The Advantages of Erin’s Mid-Career Slump Micro-course

- Her biggest leadership lessons

- The Discovery Process for mid-career professionals

- How Erin’s coaching program is different from other coaching programs

- The right time to take action to transform your career



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