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Women Who Build Empires

Feb 28, 2020

Emily Morgan is the Founder and CEO of Delegate Solutions, a premium virtual assistance firm specializing in helping entrepreneurs identify what and how to delegate, put systems together to delegate, and provide the support to execute week over week the most important tasks to help them move their business. Emily is an entrepreneur with an innate heart for supporting others and her mission is to help reshape the culture of the traditional workforce by providing professional flexible employment for her team. 

She has been featured in Forbes as a Top 50 Remote Employer, contributed articles to the Huffington Post, and highlighted in the New York Times, Inc. Magazine, NBC News, Martha Stewart Radio as well as numerous podcasts. 

Listen to today’s episode as Emily talks about why she designed the “Delegate Method” and how it has helped leaders identify areas of their work that they can delegate for maximum efficiency. We also talked about some of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs are currently facing in terms of automation, and the challenges she herself faced when she reached the tipping point. 




- How Emily started Delegate Solutions

- Delegate Solutions’ core values

- Reasons Emily does not mess around with technology

- The Five Types of bottlenecks 

- How to identify what type of bottleneck you are

- The definition of ‘delegation blocking’



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