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Women Who Build Empires

Nov 15, 2019

Today’s guest is Amy Evans, the founder of Align Women, a leadership and networking organization for professional women. It promotes partnerships and connections to allow opportunities for referrals. She is a businesswoman and a health insurance broker for over 16 years. Amy is also the President of Colibri Insurance Services, an insurance agency that simplifies employee benefits for employers in Southern California.


Amy sits down with Emi as they talk about how she created Align Women out of a mastermind group that born out of her frustrations with the format of other mastermind groups wasn’t serving her needs.


Stay tuned as they discuss the ins and outs of creating a mastermind group intended for professional women.






  • The creation and structure of Align Women
  • How the organization supports professional women
  • The difference of Align Women as compared to other mastermind groups
  • What was Amy’s biggest challenge in managing the organization
  • Amy’s secret to success




  • We amplify our referral opportunities because we share similar clients and we have similar conversations with those clients.
  • The reflection of the desire and the efficacy of this type of intentional networking where the people in the room are handpicked that have enough commonalities.
  • My leadership journey is expecting that this works best when there is a driving force and a person behind it who has a vision and who is organizing it to keep the group, as a whole, focused.
  • Jump out of the airplane and build the parachute on the way down.
  • Done is better than perfect.
  • Don’t get sucked into the idea that multitasking is the way to get things done.
  • It’s healthy to get up and take a break.





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