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Women Who Build Empires

Oct 11, 2019

Andrew Kroeze is a speaker, consultant, online course creator and founder of In 2018, Andrew quickly grew his Facebook Group past 10,000+ members, without any paid ads or lists. His business surpassed half a million dollars in revenue in its first year. Andrew is dedicated to helping others grow their own Tribe of Buyers and giving the online education/training industry a massive overhaul with his Maximization Model and Authority Accelerator Method.

Join Andrew in this value-packed episode as he shares the wisdom knowledge, he has gained by rapidly growing his business, Tribe of Buyers to a seven-figure empire over the last two years. Andrew talks about how deciding one day to make major changes in his personal life contributed to how he accomplished growing his business so quickly, along with the systems he uses, why he hires slow and how he learns so much in a short amount of time.  






  • Golden rules for successful goal setting
  • Ways to quickly grow your business
  • Why do you need to hire slow and fire fast
  • Tips on how to use the accountability chart for your success
  • How to manage a successful Facebook group


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