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Women Who Build Empires

Apr 2, 2021

Jen O’Donnell was navigating multiple roles as a mom, as a wife, and working the night shift as a registered nurse until she met a woman who opened doors to her in Direct Sales. Wanting more freedom and flexibility in life, Jen started part-time until she could take the leap into entrepreneurship full time. Today, Jen stays connected to her WHY’ became and uses it at the GPS to direct her new business as a Leadership Coach.

Enjoy listening!


  • Jen O'Donnell's career journey, why she chose to nurse and how did she get into Direct Sales?
  • Direct Sales is like planting seeds, it’s a relationship business.
  • What allowed Jen to push through in spite of tons of failures and setbacks?
  • Know her biggest strength and why she is successful in talking to people?
  • How is she able to bring in her skills into helping her clients and be good at it?
  • The Leadership Summit in April
  • Your WHY, why is it important?
  • What’s next for Jen for the rest of 2021?
  • What has her nursing experience taught Jen in her leadership career?
  • How can you master your emotions? Where can people learn to do that?


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"I am a big freedom and flexibility person, so I think when you know what you value in life it makes it easier to speak to somebody." - Jen O'Donnell

"If I help enough people get what they want, eventually things will happen for me, I just have to stay on course." - Jen O'Donnell

"I have great success here and there because I just change certain things."- Jen O'Donnell

"A lot of the things that I bring into what I do as a coach is a piece that impacted me along my journey. I am good at reflection."- Jen O'Donnell

"A lot of my pain points, a lot of my successes I kind of go back over those and figure out, what did I do differently?" - Jen O'Donnell

"You literally change the filter of the perception of different things, if you know your 'WHY'." - Jen O'Donnell

"You can start to say no, and say yes to the best."- Jen O'Donnell



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