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Women Who Build Empires

Nov 8, 2022

Dr. Carla Fowler is an MD PhD and elite executive coach. For the last decade, she has been a secret weapon for scores of CEOs, entrepreneurs, and other senior leaders. Carla’s unique approach combines the latest research from performance science with timeless best practices to help top performers level up and achieve their goals.

[00:01 - 10:34] Opening Segment

  • Dr. Carla shares about her background
  • Training for marathons at a young age 
  • Going in a MD PhD immunology program


[10:35- 14:13] Balancing Medical School

  • Managing personal time and school 
  • Planning ahead so there is time for everything 
  • Having a change of pace during the clinical years 


[14:14 - 17:16] Running 29 Miles at Age 12

  • Having a teacher that thought about building self efficacy 
  • Running is both mental and physical 
  • Understanding and trusting your future self to manage 


[17:17 - 28:08] Talking High Performance

  • A lot of people who are high performing tend to burnout 
  • Importance on the principal of brutal focus 
  • We are not immune to seeing the things in our lives as important or very good 
  • Looking at our lives and seeing if things around us are serving us 


[28:09 - 34:53] Finding Clarity 

  • Really think about what you want 
  • We have access to all the answers thru the internet 
  • Identifying if i invested enough and knowing what I can 
  • Knowing when to stop 


[34:53 - 48:23] Characteristics of High Performers 

  • People performing at a high level still fail 
  • Large things happen as a result of compounding 
  • High performers tend to have foresight and don’t dwell to long on their mistakes 
  • They are organized and have detailed calendars


[48:23 - 54:43] Closing Segment


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The moment we can impact is now, you know, we can think about the future, but really our window of action is now, it's today, and then tomorrow we will get another today.” - Dr. Carla Fowler