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Women Who Build Empires

May 31, 2022

"The Future of Work has arrived. And it’s powered by empathy." - Sophie Wade. Today's guest is the leading authority on Future-of-Work issues and the Founder of Flexcel Network, a Future-of-Work consultancy. She’s a Speaker and Author of Empathy Works and Embracing Progress. Sophie will show us why empathy is a critical corporate value, mindset, and skill for improving engagement, productivity, and achieving sustained growth. She also discloses how leaders can start integrating empathy habits in daily operations to nurture customer experiences empowered by human-centric connection and understanding. Let's dig into how the future of work is changing and why empathy is essential for success! Key Highlights: [00:01 - 08:48] Opening Segment

Sophie's background and work

Leadership needs to change to better manage and work with the increased use of technology

The importance of developíng relationships with team members and using different communication methods to best suit each individual

[08:49 - 19:34] How Leaders Can Prepare for the Future of Work

How businesses can be proactive to prepare for future changes and disruptions

How employees need to be flexible and adaptable to succeed

Why empathy is key for leaders to have productive conversations, interactions, and meeting outcomes

[19:35 - 29:50] Leaders Start by Empathizing

Leaders need to be aware of the changing dynamics of the workplace and how they can connect with employees to create a positive working environment

How leaders can create a more human-centric system and better relationships with their employees and customers

Sophie's advice on how to improve workplace interactions through empathy

[29:51 - 36:09] Closing Segment

How Sophie has been able to create a productive and trusting work environment

Empathy is key to building trust and productivity

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LinkedIn Instructor: Gen Z, Empathy

Podcast: Transforming Work


Key Quotes:

"When we have rigid and fixed habits from the past, they aren't going to really help us as we move forward." - Sophie Wade

"When leaders and business owners start leading from empathy, more clients and customers are also impacted." - Sophie Wade

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