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Women Who Build Empires

Aug 16, 2022

Donna Loughlin’s work focuses on working with visionary companies and leaders that are creating the future we all want to see. Donna shares how her experience as a journalist, writer, and Young Explorer influenced her work as a futurist and PR agent. She discusses the importance of relationships in the business world and how being able to build strong relationships is one of the most important skills that a futurist can have. Donna also shares some advice for women who are struggling to balance their work and personal lives. She advises women to ask for help, stand up for themselves, and be confident in asking for what they need.This conversation was insightful and informative thanks to Donna’s unique perspective on the field of futurism and public relations, which will be sure to interest any women looking to improve their business skills or jump into a new career path.


Donna Loughlin is the Founder of LMGPR and known for her work with futurists and innovators. She has taken more than 500 companies from stealth to market leaders since forming her agency in 2002. She is also the host of BeforeItHappened, a leading narrative podcast. Donna excels in the realm of storytelling, and uses those skills to propel new companies into the mainstream.


Let’s tune in to her story!


[00:01 - 11:01] Opening Segment


  • Get to know my guest, Donna Loughlin
  • Working with emerging markets and companies led by visionaries and futurists, including those in the technology, automotive, and agricultural industries
  • Why Donna loves working with tinkers 
    • Donna talks about her time working in press as a young journalist and the nostalgia she has for printers ink 


[11:02 - 16:24] On Starting Her Entrepreneurial Journey 


  • Donna shares how she started her entrepreneurial journey after her company got her to be their Vice President of Communications, let her go with a severance package during the dot-com bubble
    • This turned out to be the driving force she needed to start and register her own business
  • Donna started a consultancy business and began banking $80,000 per month from her business within the first 90 days
  • Donna felt that she was always being prepared to own her own business, but she kept on putting those tools in her back pocket 


[16:25 - 27:01] How a Single Mom Managed to Start and Run a Successful Business


  • Donna shares how she adopted her two children when she was married and seven years later became a single mother
  • Donna describes the challenges of balancing work and parenting as a single parent, and how she learned to ask for help
  • She advises other mothers to speak up and ask for support when needed, and to stand up for themselves
  • It’s important to be vulnerable – Donna shares why asking for help doesn't mean you're not capable or not powerful
  • Donna shares how manifestation plays an important role in her life 


[27:01 - 27:38] Becoming an Entrepreneur Is Not for the Safe 

  • We discuss the importance of slowing down and taking time for yourself, both in terms of work and personal life
  • Donna shares her checks and balances routine for reflecting on her personal growth 
    • If we're not growing and not learning, we're not evolving
  • We discuss how disconnection in the digital world can lead to problems in family life, and how reconnecting through conversation, laughter, and food is important


[40:40 - 47:28] Closing Segment

  • We close off the show discussing how overwhelm can be avoided by being mindful of the details in life and having a list of what you’re grateful for

Reach Donna though her website, LinkedIn and Instagram 

Listen to Donna’s Podcast The Before It Happened Podcast

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Tweetable Quotes


If you don't ask you don't know… It’s important to be vulnerable. Asking for help doesn't mean you're not capable. Asking for help doesn't mean that you're not powerful.” – Donna Loughlin 


“I didn’t look back. And what that allowed me to do was, not only was I resilient and quick, but I had everything, the instincts and the makings, to [start my own business]. I thought I would be independent and establish my own business, but I always put it in my back pocket.” – Donna Loughlin 


“Agility is a really good thing. We need a lot of agility in our life.” – Donna Loughlin 


“If we're not growing and not learning, we're not evolving. I am the first person to have super high expectations for myself but I also need to accept that I can't necessarily do it all.” – Donna Loughlin