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Women Who Build Empires

Apr 23, 2021

Nick Cavuoto is a human potential expert and helps entrepreneurs unlock the voice of their brand authentically. Precovid his business operated mostly through live events. Like many business owners, his clients vanished almost overnight. 

Nick could have gotten a J-O-B and been fine. But he didn’t. Instead, he recommitted to serving entrepreneurs differently and in a way that meets their needs, right now. 

On the show, Nick shares why he didn’t let fear stop him and how he’s inspiring more entrepreneurs to connect and build authentic relationships as a foundation for business building. 

Be inspired!


  • What was Nick doing pre-Covid and what was the biggest effect Covid had on his business?
  • What was that intuitive decision Nick took, to make the rebound?
  • How does Nick show up in his content? How does he inspire people back into a sense of themselves? 
  • What’s next for Nick for the rest of 2021?


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"It was seemingly simple to make one small decision, to say, "You know what, the only thing I can do right now, I have my hands, so I can serve." - Nick Cavuoto

"I just had to shut off the scarcity valve and go like, you need to serve." - Nick Cavuoto

"When your challenges are really high and your perceived skill and your ability to solve problems is really low, that's what we call anxiety." - Nick Cavuoto

"I will release whatever I have because I know if I grip too tight, I won't be able to receive." - Nick Cavuoto

"Entrepreneurs are the worst employees ever." - Nick Cavuoto

"My belief system which is attached to my story is that I'm here for a reason." - Nick Cavuoto

"Failure is guaranteed." - Nick Cavuoto

"When your message moves people, you will never have to sell again." - Nick Cavuoto

"I just show up authentically as who I am, willing to share vulnerable stories." - Nick Cavuoto

"Being a hero is so dangerous in business." - Nick Cavuoto

"There are so many people in our direct lives that we actually connected better because of a common wound than a common bond." - Nick Cavuoto

"As people, we need to give more permission for others to fall and not be quick to judge ourselves or others and at the same time look for the silver lining." - Nick Cavuoto

"Our job is the to tell the greatest story ever told."- Nick Cavuoto 




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