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Women Who Build Empires

Feb 26, 2021

This episode is super special for me because it’s my first solo episode. This is something that I’ve wanted to share for a while and will definitely help turbocharge your business. Find out why: 

  • Why self-care isn’t enough
  • How being a micromanager will keep your business small
  • What’s it’s like to go be off social media - cold turkey 
  • What I’m doing differently for 2021


  • Why is this culture of hustle and grind being the only way to succeed is a false belief?
  • How Emi ended up being burned out and what is the series of events that led to her burnout?
  • Acknowledging that she is burned out gave her a ton of freedom.
  • How do you create a business and a life where you can unplug regularly? (...What are the things she did while on sabbatical and the things she did when she came back?) 


Listen to Episode 89 with guest Michael Levitt


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