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Women Who Build Empires

Mar 26, 2021

Co-Founder of Worth eCommerce, Dean Dutro helps business owners experience 30% growth through the use of email and SMS marketing. On the podcast, he shares what he’s learned about scaling his business and how using his core values as a guidepost helps him make better decisions. 

Enjoy listening!


  • How did Dean get into the email marketing and SMS marketing space and began his business around it?
  • How did their business’ core values help in their decision-making?
  • How do the organizational structure and the operations of a company move with the increase in the number of employees?
  • How was Dean able to do away with the growing pains in recruiting?
  •  What are the benefits of using email marketing to grow your business?
  • Why are some businesses still not taking advantage of SMS marketing to grow their business?
  • What does a typical SMS campaign look like? 
  • Plans of Dean Dutro for the rest of 2021.
  • Where does Dean see his leadership growing?
  • About the Podcast, Relationship Commerce Podcast


Relationship Commerce Podcast 


"It was a rough learning lesson but I basically call it, I got my Master's Degree on what not to do in business." - Dean Dutro

"I found out that while traveling was really fun, I was just a consumer of things. I wasn't adding value to these places."- Dean Dutro

"The thing about email is, as you scale the cost to send email doesn't go up compared to driving traffic to your website."- Dean Dutro

"The driving force of the growth outside of the covid and the pandemic was, we spent two weeks doing no work except for working on what are our values, what's our mission, who we want to bring on board and what type of clients we want to work with."- Dean Dutro  

"When you create your values and that 'why' you've already made your decision for future things and how you're going to operate."- Dean Dutro

"You can only really lead five direct people at once, beyond that it's really hard to lead directly." - Dean Dutro




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