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Women Who Build Empires

Jan 24, 2023

Psychedelic therapy is bursting into our culture at an accelerating pace. With extraordinary clinical trials of psilocybin, ketamine, and MDMA, legislation is emerging to facilitate a new demand for medical options. 


Heather Wickman is a bestselling author and leader in the field of therapeutic psychedelic integration. Her modality combines horses and evidence-based change strategies that help individuals create the results they most desire. 


In this episode, Heather shares the journey of how she gained more profound insight, clarity, and purpose from psychedelic therapy, which led her to create an entirely new future for herself. If you are interested in discovering the journey to deeper clarity and purpose, you might want to listen to this episode!


[00:01 - 07:11] Opening Segment

  • Heather talks about her profound medicine journey with psilocybins, a magic mushroom.
  • She generally describes finding acceptance and clarity using this kind of medicine.
  • The radical acceptance of who you are and Self-love.


[07:12 - 21:14] The Importance Of Psychedelics

  • Heather explains how psychedelics can help people as well as the myths associated with them.
  • She also discusses the different forms and their unique purpose for each individual.
  • She describes the general settings of how they assist their clients during psychedelic therapy. 


[21:15 - 30:49] The Coaching, Psychedelics, and Horses

  • Heather talks about how they ended up leaving corporate to become entrepreneurs in order to build something that means something to them.
  • Also, she shares how she solidifies the newfound awakening by integrating horses with executives.
  • She also shares her hesitation about showing her business publicly without feeling petrified by the judgment of others.


[30:50 - 45:20] Closing Segment

  • Heather shares some results and experiences of her clients.
  • The plans of changing the business forward and her hypothesis.
  • The challenge is how she will cultivate and articulate a clearly defined vision and purpose.


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Tweetable Quotes

“I think there's a radical acceptance of who you are in those spaces, and so Self-love is an element of the work that we do.” - Heather Wickman

“Oftentimes in that drive we override kind of the whispers that say, is this really what you wanna do? Like, is this really your calling? your passion, your heart's desire?” - Heather Wickman


“The thing that I find most with entrepreneurs and executives is that we are drivers, we are achievers, we are, you know, those type A kind of folks who, pardon the language, but just get shit done.” - Heather Wickman