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Women Who Build Empires

Jan 17, 2023

Alyse Maslonik is the CEO and Founder of RedefinED Advisors LLC, a strategic development partner for non-public and private schools that offers a wide array of services to help schools grow funding and enrollment. Alyse continues her lifelong mission to provide better access to education for underserved communities.


From living in a domestic abuse shelter to creating a self-funded business that now raises millions of dollars for underprivileged children, Alyse Maslonik has experienced it all. In this episode, she shares her life's incredible and impactful journey. Listen to this full-hearted episode which can also impact and may change the negative outlook you have in life!


[00:01 - 08:50] Opening Segment

  • Alyse shared her life story when she was young, living in a low-income family.
  • The catalyst is why she builds her company with a purpose and the principle behind it.
  • She talks about the children who had no other options, which resonates through her childhood.


[08:51 - 19:37] The Impact Of Generational Poverty On A Child’s Future Success

  • Alyse shares her childhood trauma and believes it’s not necessarily about escaping but healing.
  • The enormous implication of generational poverty
  • The life experience takes her to motivate and influence other kids and positively use those negative experiences.


[19:38 - 26:40] The Steps Of Her Business Journey

  • She shares her experience from waitressing to being able to fund her real estate school and licensing.
  • The financial struggles she had when she was just starting.
  • She describes how her company had grown.


[26:41 - 36:42] Her Message: “The World Can Be Good, And You Don't Even Know It.”

  • How she helped grow her company with her employees and team members with a commitment to their vision.
  • Different stories of the kids helped by her company and how they flourished.
  • The wonderful message that Alyse gives to those kids less fortunate.


[36:43 - 45:40] The Biggest Challenge She Experienced

  • When she needs to fire someone
  • She considers those “why” employees with the same vision and enjoy what they do.
  • Her commitment to God was to give back to those who helped her.


[45:40 - 52:32] Closing Segment

  • Treating her employees the pay and compensation they deserve.
  • She has always made sure the cash flow that the company receives will be returned to people who need it.


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Tweetable Quotes


“A simple act of kindness can transcend generations and change the course for entire families, through multiple decades, just from a simple act of kindness.” - Alyse Maslonik


“Everything that we do, every decision that we make and every action that we take in life causes a ripple effect. And I want the ripples that I create to wash over people softly and not crash down on them.” - Alyse Maslonik



 “It's not necessarily about just escaping, but really healing.” - Alyse Maslonik



“There are people out there that don't know you, that don't owe you anything, but they love you.” - Alyse Maslonik


“The world can be good and you don't even know it.” - Alyse Maslonik