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Women Who Build Empires

Oct 25, 2022

Estelle Giraud is the CEO and the Co-Founder Of Trellis Health.

She is a Ph.D. scientist in population genetics turned commercial operator and leader in biotech and frontier medicine at Illumina and how she turned her passion into a business. In this episode, Estelle simplifies the process of getting access to your medical records and creating a holistic picture of all of your treatments and procedures. Her journey brings her to the intersection of people’s multiple health issues and simplifies the process of managing them all by organizing your health data in an app. Her goal is that Trellis Health will be relevant for everyone, so they can take ownership of their health and live healthier lives.

[00:01 - 08:13] Opening Segment Estelle shares background as a PhD scientist and an entrepreneur She simplifies access to medical records for pregnant women and others Trellis Health helps patients see their entire health history in one place, making it easier to manage conditions and relationships with doctors

[08:14 - 10:12] Practical Solutions By Coordinating With Your Healthcare Provider How Gen Z is more mobile and less tied down, which is causing problems with their healthcare One problem she shares is that people are seeing different doctors’ multiple times and moving their records around, which makes it difficult to track their health Mothers are experiencing a lot of health issues, but no one is coordinating care between different providers

[10:13 - 34:18] Being Comfortable With Uncomfortable Situations Being a mother and has experienced pregnancy has led to becoming more comfortable with uncomfortable situations, which helped her in her leadership role She explains that an uncomfortable decision is one that is not easy or comfortable, and is a necessary part of growth Dealing with problems by looking at them in terms of their solutions, and by staying in the moment

[34:19 - 36:24] Closing Segment What are your “North Star” priorities? The US healthcare system is complex and difficult to innovate in

Connect with Estelle:

LinkedIn: Estelle Giraud

Twitter: @estellejgiraud

Website: Trellis Health


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Tweetable Quotes:

“Women take a chief role within the family and that translates into the community as a medical decision maker for the family. They also make more than 80% of consumer buying decisions, women are powerhouses in this space and they've been underserved in their health needs for so long.” - Estelle Giraud

“As a founder and as a mother… Impacts who I am as a founder and how I think about this business.” – Estelle Giraud

“Everything that we have, everything that we experience, we're all humans. And that connection with people is just full of momentum and power whether you are in the home or in a business or wherever. It's a core part of how I think about leading and innovating and parenting.” -

Estelle Giraud “As a startup founder, in these early, early days, it's just don't die. Just don't die as a company and just keep not dying. So, that framework prioritizes all of the other things, like what is the one thing that's going to de-risk that North Star objective the most.” – Estelle Giraud