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Women Who Build Empires

Aug 2, 2022

Bew White lll, is Chairman of the Board of Gabriella White and it’s brands, Summer Classics, Gabby and Wendy Jane. In 2013 he was named Entrepreneur of the Year by the Society of International Business Fellows and in 2021 Bew White received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Casual Furnishings Association. He is also the subject of the well-received biography A Summer Classic: The Bew White Story by Christopher Taunton


Let’s tune in to his story!


[00:01 – 10:39] Opening Segment

  • The Road to Success is an Experience
  • The risks Bew didn’t take and what happened next
  • Bigger and bigger loans


[10:40 – 23:43] Experience Filled Entrepreneurial Venture

  • Fashion: A Strategic Business Game
  • Bew’s Key to Success
  • The beginning of Bew’s entrepreneurial journey


[23:44 – 37:27] No End to Life and Success

  • God keeps death out of your brain: Bew’s blood Clot Story
  • Life is Infinite
  • Leading a business with a heart
  • It takes a village to make a business successful


[37:28 – 41:31] Closing Segment


Connect with Bew


Facebook: Bewwhite

LinkedIn: Bewwhite


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Tweetable Quotes


“You get wisdom from mistakes, and certainly more so than you did from your successes.” – Bew White