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Women Who Build Empires

Aug 24, 2020

Does everyone need a coach? In talking with Dan McPherson founder and CEO of Leaders Must Lead, the answer is yes because leading yourself is the hardest thing to do.

As an expert in personal development, leadership and having created the framework, The Four Pillars of Leadership, to help entrepreneurs maximize their results, Dan shares his story of living in poverty and being raised by his mom who was a single parent and how his childhood and teenage experiences influenced his success in life. This is one episode that you will not want to miss.




- The leadership story of Dan McPherson.

- From English and History to earning his first 6 figures in his early 20s.

- The true understanding of what sales are all about.

- The pivot from a sales career to coaching and training people.

- Two lessons learned in the journey to leadership.

- The four pillars of leadership.

- Importance of Vision/To-do Lists and does this help.

- Core belief about coaching.

- What is the 4S Blueprint for Learning?



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