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Women Who Build Empires

May 30, 2023

You know there's something more but no matter what you try, nothing gets you over the hump? Rachel Rider has the solution.

You've tried to get into a consistent workout routine, but any time your schedule changes it throws you off for weeks or you have a big project you're working on and you can't quite seem to get it finished even though it's a must do.

On Women Who Build Empires, CEO and Founder of MettaWorks, Rachel Rider shares how she helps her clients identify and dispel negative habits, limiting beliefs and thought patterns that keep them from being the naturally high performing leaders they are meant to be. 

In the episode you'll find out: 

💜 How to identify and tame the inner voice when it runs amuck 

💜 Why having to lay people off at her corporate job helped she start her business

💜 Why using a copywriter was the best way for her to write her book

Rachel is a highly accomplished executive coach with a unique approach that combines both traditional and alternative modalities. With over a decade of coaching experience, Rachel's expertise shines through as she incorporates techniques such as Somatic Experiencing, Polarity Therapy, Zen Buddhism, Inner Relationship Focusing, and antiracism into her practice.

She deeply understands her client's needs, creating profound and lasting transformation, while delivering measurable results. 

What sets Rachel apart is her firsthand leadership experiences, having served as Bloomberg's HR Business Partner, where she developed and coached leaders and teams. She then transitioned to leadership coaching roles at AppNexus (now part of AT&T) and Digital Ocean, a major global hosting company.

Join us as we delve into Rachel's wealth of knowledge and explore her unique approach to executive coaching.





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