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Women Who Build Empires

Nov 13, 2020

We are continuing the conversation with Megan DiMartino on today’s episode. She has so much to share, I had to have her back on and in Part II we talk about taking one step at a time, how to start small, scale, and what step you want to take to sustain your business. Megan talks about how having a definitive purpose drives your decision making and growth. 



  • The definitiveness of purpose, the burning desire, and clarity are what helped Megan sustain her business. (...And you have to watch what the market is doing.)
  • In sustaining a business, what should you look at to know,  what's next?
  • Healing - The experience which became the birthplace of stem cell therapy.
  • Other than research, what is critical to build a business, to begin, scale, and sustain?
  • What the book, "Hope and Possibilities: Just Over the Horizon” is all about?
  • The five C's to building and sustaining a business.
  • Megan’s biggest learning experiences, her finest hours. 



The book: "Hope and Possibilities: Just Over the Horizon, It's Never Too Early or Too Late to Create the Life of Your Dreams."

The Course: Start, Scale, and Sustain (The five C's to building and sustaining a business) - the page is not available yet but go to the website and click on the Let's Connect button and in the message, just comment "Hey let me know when the course is available."



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