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Women Who Build Empires

Feb 4, 2022

Laura Rubin is a reformed hustle bunny; A joy seeker; and a lover of life.  She mentors other corporate and entrepreneurial hustlers to unwind from the grind of overwork and burnout - encouraging, empowering, and inspiring them to free themselves from society’s rules of success and experience life on the other side of the desk - on their terms.  She guides them on the courageous journey of living to work not working to live.  

Let’s tune in to her story!


[00:01 - 07:00] Opening Segment


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  • Get to know my guest Laura Rubin
  • Laura’s journey and discovery of her own happiness and mission in life
  • How to break out of the ‘work to live cycle’


[07:01 - 32:55] Get Away from the Grind with Unstructured Play

  • Why does work have to be hard?
  • Preaching against the 24/7 hustle
  • The Energy Behind the Work You’re Doing
  • How to Make the Shift of Delegating Tasks and Staying in Your Zone of Genius
    • The Power of the Pause
    • Know Who You Really Are
    • The Permission to Play
  • No Moment of Crash and Burn but Something Else
  • Why action brings clarity to Laura
  • The First Step is Awareness
  • Get a Buddy
  • Live to work, not work to live
  • We have some control over our scheduled lives
  • Your Life Changes in a Process


[32:56 - 38:55] Closing Segment


  • Final words
  • Connect with my guest, Laura in the links below

Tweetable Quotes


“If it's truly something that you don't like and you have the means, delegate it. Let someone else do it for you, then maybe they'll do a much better job at it than you will.” – Laura Rubin


“When you start to experience free play, you're playing just for the experience of it, not organized, [it’s] not an organized sport.” – Laura Rubin


“Doing it alone, you get lost sometimes, or you think “I'm the only one” and you're not the only one. So reach out, do it with others.” – Laura Rubin




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