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Women Who Build Empires

Aug 26, 2020

Does your realtor know your story and gives you real kind of service? Did you find that moving to a new environment is a nice experience because your realtor tends to the smallest detail of your move? Most of the experiences we know ends as plain client-realtor transactions, not a relationship.

In this episode of the Tribe of Leaders podcast, my guest is one of my favorite coaching clients, my legacy leader client and a realtor who has taken real estate home buying and home selling to an entirely new level. Betsy Westfall is a Licensed Realtor and she provides expertise, care and understanding to people when they make important decisions, as in buying and selling homes.

In our conversation, we talked about how an authentic caring attitude and service can scale your business from referrals from satisfied clients who stayed with you for life.




  • What is it that made Betsy decide to become a realtor? (...her story)
  • Concierge isn’t just in the hotel industry, it is with Betsy Westfall’s services.
  • The difference between helping and serving.
  • Why is communication important?
  • What has helped Betsy Westfall become the CEO of her business and build it up? 
  • Her results - SUCCESS.
  • What are the great characteristics to being a leader?
  • Significance of the 1440 tattoo in Betsy’s arm.
  • What to do to keep track of yourself and get centered again?




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