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Women Who Build Empires

Aug 30, 2022

After bartending her way across Hollywood and Beverly Hills, Angela Pugh found herself in over her head with a drinking problem that was relentless.  Outpatient treatment, jail, and one devastating car accident later, Angela was face-to-face with her demons and sobriety was the only choice.  As a result, she dedicated her life to personal development and helping others through Coaching and education in the multiple businesses she has built and a podcast in the top 0.5%.


[00:01 – 10:19] Opening Segment

  • How a drinking problem changed Angela’s life
  • Angela shares her journey of becoming sober
  • The Rock Bottom Moment that Moved Angela


[10:20 – 20:01] What Causes Alcohol Addiction and How to Overcome It

  • Battle of the Wills: My sobriety was the priority!
  • Everybody was drinking around Angela
  • Escaping: What pushes women to alcohol addiction
  • Mastering coping and sobriety


[20:02 – 31:00] Winning from Addiction

  • The Black Sheep in the Family
  • Characteristics of people who tend to have more challenges with addiction
  • A Business that Grew from Addiction
  • Business and Addiction Parallels


[31:01 – 40:22] Recovery is Just Growing Up

  • Every action takes you farther or closer
  • Outgrowing relationships and situations
  • Shrinking back to your fear
  • People with addiction get freaked out about change


[40:23 – 44:41] Closing Segment

  • Give yourself some grace
  • Work on the core pieces
  • Deal with emotional investment


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Tweetable Quotes


“When you are using alcohol to achieve an effect, whatever it is numbing feelings, to take down your anxiety and get more comfortable to help you sleep. That's a real danger zone.” – Angela Pugh

“Being really compulsive and obsessive is super helpful in entrepreneurship.” – Angela Pugh

“Recovery is just growing up.” – Angela Pugh