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Women Who Build Empires

Jan 7, 2022

Jewel is a seasoned transformational mentor, spiritual guide, speaker, facilitator in the field of personal and career development.  She is the International Best Selling author of True Gifts: Ignite your Soul Magic and Monetize the Highest Expression of your Purpose. She has supported countless women to launch their dream of building a legacy doing what they love through deep mental, emotional and spiritual shifts while getting paid to do what they love. 


Let’s tune in to her story!


[00:01 - 04:50] Opening Segment


  • Get to know my guest Jewel Veitch
    • A lover of spirituality
    • The start was in adversity and loss
  • Jewel shares about her career
  • Helping put people in touch with their magic


[04:51 - 40:21] Purpose, Intelligence, Magic, and Legacy


  • Disconnection from spirituality
    • It’s not like a light bulb!
    • It is who we are
    • The Art of Reconnection with Self
  • What legacy means for Jewel
    • Our life purpose
    • Our ability to leave
    • Our own heart and soul
  • We are so busy focusing on limitation
    • What else is out there?
    • Why do we set our minds like that?
    • How do we think beyond the limit?
  • Enhancing your connection with your higher self
    • The Space of Connectedness
    • The Open Vessel
    • The State of Still Power
  • Some Different Intelligence
    • Mental/Mind Intelligence
    • Imaginational Intelligence
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Sensory Intelligence
    • Higher Intelligence
    • Heart Intelligence
    • Body Intelligence
  • The Different Intelligence’s Role in Business
  • Finding your balance between being a human and who you are
  • Acknowledging the good and bad, moving on
    • Go out into nature
    • Use your imagination
  • How becoming self-responsible is the biggest game-changer
    • Making personal decisions
    • Your decisions as an entrepreneur
  • True Gifts: Ignite your Soul Magic and Monetize the Highest Expression of your Purpose
    • “There’s magic in all of us!”
    • Jewel’s catalyst for writing the book
    • Grab your copy in the links below


[40:22 - 42:27] Closing Segment


  • Final words
  • Connect with my guest, Jewel in the links below

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Tweetable Quotes


“You're living your legacy every single day, every time you express from that heart space.” – Jewel Veitch


“The most potent power that we have is stillness.” – Jewel Veitch


“Self-judgment is the killer.” – Jewel Veitch




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