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Women Who Build Empires

Jun 14, 2022

Hi Tribe! I decided it was time to do something different on the show. I've given the mic over to my dear friend Dan McPherson to interview me.

We discuss how the authoritarian leader model is finally shifting and why that's great for the future of business and how we all work, I share why it is important for leaders to have core values, my secret planning strategies for making long term goals stick and how my kids have taught me more about leadership than any book, course or program I've take.

About Dan...

Dan McPherson, Professional Speaker and Podcast Host, World-Class Trainer, and CEO of Leaders Must Lead, is on a mission to help Creatives and Entrepreneurs build profit and believe Dreams ARE Real. With 25+ years in corporate roles responsible for up to 2000 people and more than $150M in revenue, Dan is a recognized expert in leadership, sales, and business strategy.

Key Highlights:

[00:00 - 11:16] Opening Segment

• Emi shares the leaders she admires and why

• How good leaders disrupt, redefine, and change all of the boundaries is a good leader because she redefines the role of the first lady and pushes boundaries

• To be a good leader, you need to have core values and be open to change

[11:17 - 21:18] How Business Leaders Succeed

• When Emi realized she was a leader and connected the dots between that and wanting to show her kids that failure is okay

• How being a leader can be difficult, but it's also rewarding.

• How food issues are tied to emotions and psychology.

[21:18 - 30:07] The Power of Statements from Childhood

• Why staying in motion is important

• Emi discloses why she wants to be a role model for her children and ensure that they have the space to be themselves.

• Emi's favorite toy and game when she was a child


[30:08 - 42:06] If Your Gut Says No, It's Always Right!

• Things that Emi was passionate about that still matter to her.

• Why Emi regrets not having listened to her inner voice

• Do-overs are a beautiful thing

• Following a process helps Emi make better decisions and avoid rushing into things

[42:07 - 50:55] How to Navigate Major Life Changes

• What Emi wanted to do with her life and how she realized that she didn't want to stay in the suburbs

• Why she decided to move to Philadelphia

• How Emi shifted her focus to the future and what it looks like

[50:56 - 57:00] Closing Segment

• Check out Dreams Are Real

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Resources Mentioned:

The 4 Pillars of Leadership that will Maximize Results with Dan MacPherson

If you Don't Like Something, Change It! with Empress Enterprises CEO Emi Kirschner

Key Quotes:

"I really want to see more women have bigger dreams. Not even have bigger dreams, cause they're there. Acknowledge that it's okay to follow them and pursue them." - Emi Kirschner

"People matter the most, and relationships are everything." - Dan McPherson

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