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Women Who Build Empires

Jan 31, 2023

Alejandra Santos is the founder & CEO of Startup Tandem, where she helps entrepreneurs build well-grounded high, performing organizations, position their financials for an exit, and continuously mentors teams to help promote and maintain ethical practices for growth. This year alone, Alejandra and her teams have helped raise 10+ million in funding.


In this episode, you will learn about Alejandra’s rise to success, how she encountered the hurdles standing between her and her dream, and how she overcame them. This is an inspiring story that will definitely move you and make you realize that you have to be brave enough to face your hurdles and use them as your strength.

[00:01 - 06:47] Opening Segment

  • The backstory of herself and the company
  • A different life when her mother passed away.
  • How Alejandra bravely left her country to look for a better life.

[06:48 - 23:39] The Catalyst Of All Her Fearless Determination

  • The risk Alejandra encounters when leaving her country at an early age.
  • She talks about the life lesson she got from her mother.
  • She's been to different states to look for a place that fulfills her career, spirituality, and well-being needs.

[23:39 - 31:54] How Her Business Evolved Through Values

  • She explains her company's mission and values.
  • She loves to help early-stage companies because they’re able to help them from the very beginning.
  • How their employees help her, especially in internal matters.

[31:55 - 43:24] Closing Segment

  • The challenges that entrepreneurs are facing right now.
  • She explains that in order to succeed in creative business, make it simple.

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Tweetable Quotes

“I was leaning into that feeling a lot to not have that fear of going back to say, I'm gonna figure it out.” - Alejandra Santos

“If you're in a creative business, make it easy for yourself. Make it simple, simple's best, whatever makes sense.” - Alejandra Santos

“Your team is the one that makes you the best.” - Alejandra Santos

“We as human beings are evolving, so, therefore, companies need to start evolving as well.” - Alejandra Santos