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Women Who Build Empires

Apr 16, 2021

Michele Schina, President of TMS II, Inc. the only 100% woman-owned accounting firm in Philadelphia is a serial entrepreneur and regularly gives back to the local community through her work in NAWBO, PCAE and the John D MacDonald Foundation. On the show Michele shares how some of her lowest and most difficult moments have been the catalyst for her to successfully run 3 businesses and be as active as she is in the nonprofit world. She also shares what she sees as the biggest mistake most entrepreneurs make.     

Be inspired, enjoy listening!


  • What is Michele’s background and how she was able to build 3 businesses all together?
  • What was it about accounting and business finance that made Michelle want to start a business?
  • What are her experiences that contributed to being able to run three businesses simultaneously?
  • In her interaction with business owners, what is the number one mistake that most business owners make?
  • What is the most impactful piece in Michele’s life that really defined her leadership?
  • What kept Michele going, after the tri-challenges?


The Financial Excellence System Course


"What underlies our work is our commitment and dedication to our client's financial excellence." - Michele Schina 

"With practice, you get smarter and smarter."- Michele Schina

"I walk the walk that I have talked  to many and really working to empower my team to do tasks that I thought were too trivial for them to do."- Michele Schina

"The numbers for me drives action and marketing." - Emi Kirschner

"Leadership is like an evolution."- Michele Schina

"I just realized at that time that God put me here to rest."- Michele Schina

"We are responsible for training our brain to stop and be quiet so we can be creative, we can focus on our strategy, we can focus on our finances."- Michele Schina

"Life cannot be done alone. It can, please don't get me wrong. There are people out there that do life alone and are good with it, but I am a huge fan of team to really have successful life and a successful business."- Michele Schina

"Whether I think I have it or not I'm gonna let people help."- Michele Schina

"It's about the long-distance run, not the sprint." - Emi Kirschner



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