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Women Who Build Empires

Jun 7, 2022

Jay Tinkler is an experienced word of mouth and marketing expert. Using his 20 years of business experience and behavioral science knowledge, Jay weaves the path for companies as to how you can lead a company to not only be remarkable but to bring your customers around you as the best source of lead generation. He is also the host of the popular podcast The Remarkable Podcast which explores the question: how do you build a business that people feel compelled to talk about?  

[00:00 - 09:28] Opening Segment

  • Jay's journey from corporate sales to entrepreneur
  • Jay talks about entrepreneurship and his sales experience


[09:29 - 15:24] The Business Lessons Learned from Failed Experiences

  • "The Human Brand" solidified Jay's feelings around how business should be run and taught him the components of trust
  • He also read "The Lean Startup" which helped him understand how to create a startup that is lean and fast
  • Everything comes back to trust and that you have to have great warmth of intention to be successful
  • Focus on competence first, and then build on that with strong warmth of intention


[15:27 - 21:21] Unexpected, Remarkable Moments Can Make a Difference

  • To create remarkable moments, businesses must identify what it is that their customers want and need.
  • Unexpected, remarkable moments can be created by creating motivation and opportunity for customers, as well as making emotional connections.
  • Creating a remarkable brand is not expensive, and can be achieved by making a decision to focus on the customer experience.


[21:21 - 30:33] How to Balance Running Your Business and Podcasting

  • Koala Bedding Company Pays for Returned Pillow
  • Jay shares how he balances his business, podcast, and personal life
  • Have a priority list and sticking to it, even when things get tough.
  • Great parenting style and family dynamics do the job!


[30:34 - 35:37] Kids Are Smarter Than We Are: Here's How to Let Them Take the Lead

  • Kids are often wiser than adults and can see the world in a more pure way.
  • Kids need time to themselves to recharge and focus on their own interests.
  • Adults should learn to give children space and allow them to be themselves.


[35:38 - 40:35] Starting a Business and How to Make it Impactful

• Jay suggests that people start businesses for the wrong reasons

• Get clear on the impact that the company will have on its customers, and then focus on finding ways to connect with those customers in a meaningful way.


[40:35 - 42:14] Closing Segment

  • Final words


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Tweetable Quotes


"It's not the big stuff. Frequently, it's this little touch, this little thing, this little acknowledgment that sticks with people." - Jay Tinkler

"I think often we start businesses for the wrong reasons." - Jay Tinkler

"Kids are often cleaner when it comes to biases than adults. They haven't got all of the hang-ups and the baggage like we do and probably see the world in a more pure way than we do." - Jay Tinkler