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Women Who Build Empires

Nov 20, 2020

When you listen to thought leaders and motivational speakers speak on stage and your life changed around because of their inspiring message, you can hear a voice within you saying that you, too, have a story to tell. The truth is, all of us are called to share a message that matters, to use our own voices of transformation and the lessons learned to serve others. But most of us are petrified for fear of rejection, for fear of being judged. So the challenge is how do you share your life story and life lessons through public speaking? How do you start on a speaking career?

Our guest in this episode of the Tribe of Leaders podcast is Michelle Barry Franco, a high-impact speaking coach of founders, leaders, authors and transformational healers of all kinds and she helps them tell their stories and change lives with their message. She is also an author and she wrote the best selling book,  "Beyond Applause: Make a Meaningful Difference Through Transformational Speaking”. Don’t miss out on this episode so that you will be inspired to step into leadership speaking with power and grace. 

Enjoy listening!


  • How can you overcome the fear of public speaking?(... What are some of Michelle’s recommendations?)
  • Is there a guideline as to how much preparation we can put out for a speech or a talk? (...How long should the preparation be?)
  • Michelle’s journey into becoming a speaking coach, how did she evolve from being a teenager talking about drunk driving to where she is now?
  • How can people start to take a few steps to get on that stage?
  • What inspired Michelle to write the book and how to get the full digital copy of the book, free?
  • Michelle’s next-in-line program towards 2021 that will raise awareness in the earlier stage in girls, that their voice is powerful and for women to rise up on thought leadership. 


Get the free digital copy of the full book, Beyond Applause: Make a Meaningful Difference Through Transformational Speaking




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