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Women Who Build Empires

Jan 25, 2021

LisaBeth Thomas had it all. A profitable 7 figure business, the spotlight, a great house, and family. Or so it looked on the outside. When it all crumbled beneath her, LisaBeth or LB as she’s known to friends and family, was too embarrassed to ask for help. What would people think? 

It wasn’t until she started letting people in and stopped blaming others for her current circumstance did she realize she’d been living a charade the whole time that was being run by her limiting beliefs and fear. 

LB shares what she’s learned and how she rebuilt her life, started a new business free of her previous limitations. 

Great nuggets in this conversation, enjoy listening!


  • LisaBeth’s story, her success and why she lost everything?
  • Why did she have to lose everything before she can cut ties and go another direction? 
  • What are the lessons she has learned from the experience?
  • How is fear sabotaging yourself and what do you do about it?
  • What got LisaBeth out of the fear and seeing light again?
  • How do you outwit fear? (...What is that outwitting fear course that LisaBeth facilitates?) 
  • Some limiting beliefs that stop people from succeeding in business.
  • What does LisaBeth do now after her ad agency folded up?


Enroll in the Outwitting Fear course or get the video "5 Ways To Outwit Fear of Money” 

A company that “LB” Thomas mentioned

Check out Mason-Grove Farms out in Tennessee, a perfect place for you to bring your family and friends to escape and renew. Message “LB” on her Facebook page.


"The hardest thing for me is that I didn't want to tell anybody, I was ashamed and I really thought my brand was who I was."

"I never knew I've never been depressed so I didn't know what that looks like."

"There's a point when you have to stop blaming everybody else and take responsibility."

"I have a lot more compassion for people knowing there's probably something going on behind the scene."

"By keeping our mouths shut and not sharing our story, we're really blocking people from having that joy experience of giving."

"We're only born with two fears - we're born with the fear of falling and the fear of a lot of noises, everything else is learned."

"With those fears, if we learned them we can unlearn them."


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Podcast Coming Soon! Courageous and Unstoppable You - Watch out for the announcement through Lisabeth Thomas’ Facebook page.`



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