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Women Who Build Empires

Nov 6, 2020

When my guest, Megan DiMartino started her Tupperware business, she never imagined that she would become a serial entrepreneur including launching her own skin care brand that’s sold to salons, spas and medical spas, on her own website and Amazon? It was, however, her Tupperware business where she learned to build teams, helping people work together and actualize their successes.  

I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to interview Megan, who started her career in the fashion-beauty industries during the early 1970’s in New York City.  As the President and CEO at Novita Spa Clinical Products and Mineral Cosmetics. She has been one of the pioneers in result oriented medical grade skin care and has built two skin care lines, Glycolique and Novita Spa Clinical products. She is also a speaker and best selling author. 

Stayed tuned for next week to as will continue Part 2 of this incredible story

Enjoy listening!


  • How did Megan start in the beauty care industry coming from a long line of creatives and beauty pioneers?
  • Why did it take her too long to build her own business?
  • The realization that most people need help getting clear and identify their whys.
  • How does Megan help people to see the bigger and beyond as to their “why” purpose?
  • Megan’s advice for somebody who wants to get started and the benefits of asking boldly, especially if your question makes sense.



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