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Women Who Build Empires

Aug 15, 2023

Starting a business is easier than ever, especially when you have the right tools. 


Eudania Burrell, is a pioneering figure in real estate investing. Having started her business as a result of Covid, she is passionate about being able to help people achieve stability through home ownership. 


With two decades at the Department of Homeland Security, Eudania has impacted countless lives, embodying hope and resilience. While excelling as a dedicated public servant, her resolute pursuit of success and passion for real estate has expanded her horizons. 


Eudania put her first three houses under contract almost immediately.  She discovered her love for real estate investing, which has helped her pay off debts, revive her business of helping homeless mothers and children, and supplement her parents' income.


Now a thriving real estate investor, business owner, coach, and more, Eudania's story showcases how determination, hard work, and resources can surmount any challenge.


In this episode, you’ll find out:


  • How Eudania started her venture with almost no capital

  • How’s bringing her daughters into the business has helped her grow and strengthen their relationship

  • What is Eudania greatest passion when it comes to real estate

  • What are effective ways to help people with creative financing options

  • What obstacles she experienced during expanding the business







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