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Women Who Build Empires

Sep 18, 2020

Sometimes what we thought would be our career path ends up not being the path we choose. My guest Robyn Graham, a Brand Marketing Strategist, a Headshot and Branding Photographer and host to The Second Phase podcast shares how she left her successful career as a pharmacist and moved across the country to start her business. 

You will learn how despite friends and family’s advice she took the big leap and created a unique business that helps her stand out from the crowd.


  • Learn why being a pharmacist and having her doctorate didn't sit well with Robyn and her passion for education and doing it in a creative way won as her career path?
  • Two sides of the brain, working together (the analytic and the creative) but when you jump on being just creative, you get a little lost sometimes.  
  • Has Robyn always been creative? (...learn how photography has always been her life)
  • Robyn’s advice to entrepreneurs particularly when they are shifting, perhaps levelling up or maybe having thoughts of not being good enough. 
  • What was it like moving away from her roots to a different location and having a 9-month old son? (...what’s the significance of the Second Phase to Robyn?)
  • How was she able to mix  branding and photography together and offer a unique service? 
  • Her ideal avatar. (’s all about clarity) 
  • Learn how staying true to yourself and accepting that there will be challenges will help you through everything.
  • What are the core values that’s driving her leadership to business success?




Instagram: @TheRobynGraham


FB group: The Brand Marketing Insider 

Podcast: The Second Phase



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