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Women Who Build Empires

Oct 16, 2020

Being vulnerable is scary but being in that place is the best place to be because that's where growth really happens. Just like singing in front of the audience, you become vulnerable to all the criticisms and very much like coaching, you are open to such. There is fear, but by opening yourself up and showing your whole authentic self, from a place of love and compassion, you can lead people to see their own worth.

In this episode, our guest is a concert curator &  lyric coloratura soprano, but also one of the most sought-after high-performance consultants in the nation.  She is Stephanie Ann Ball and she will share with us her journey and how she is able to marry the two careers together and function at an optimum level.  

Enjoy listening!


  • How Stephanie Ball ended up being an opera singer despite her love for pop and jazz?
  • What is the day like for an opera singer to be able to give a beautiful performance? (...what kind of fine tuning does she do?)
  • Singing and coaching are related as both functions need to be very good at the craft and at marketing yourself.
  • How to set yourself for success and stop the overwhelm from gaining momentum?
  • Being vulnerable is scary and is difficult, but learning to handle it well gives incredible power. 
  • How does making decisions based on being vulnerable grow your business? (... and how can it affect leadership styles?)
  • What are the benefits of hiring an artist as a coach and why creativity plays an important factor with it? 
  • The inspiration for writing the book, “ Own Your Light: Becoming Your Favorite Self So You Can Give Your Best to the World”. 


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