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Women Who Build Empires

Jan 10, 2023

Helen Fanucci is an MIT-trained engineer who has built her reputation and career managing teams responsible for billions of dollars of quota. She developed the Love Your Team system of sales management over a 25-year career on the front lines at top tech companies, including Apple, Sun Microsystems, IBM, and Microsoft. Helen’s first book, Love Your Team, A Survival Guide for Sales Managers in a Hybrid World, launched on November 1st on Amazon.  She also hosts the Love Your Team podcast, which focuses on retaining top talent and building high-performing teams.


In this episode, you are going to learn Helen’s strategies and principles when it comes to managing sales team.  She believes that in order to have an effective team, you have to love your employee through developing their skills and let them grow. When an employee feels loved and receives opportunities to grow, they are much more focused on the job and accomplishing the goals of the organization. If you're a sales manager or will become one in the near future, you'll not only learn valuable information and strategies in this episode, but also what it means to truly love your employees!

[00:01 - 09:16] Opening Segment

  • Helen started her career early on as an engineer then moved into marketing and sales. 
  • She shares why she shifted and the important lesson she have realized during her, managing her sales team.
  • She explains how she mixed both side of being a people-oriented as being into sales, and data-driven as an engineer.
  • The catalyst of the book and why did she entitle her book “Love you team”


[09:17 - 23:21] Good Sales Manager: Building Trust and Foundation

  • What makes a good manager? Helen shares her beliefs that building trust and foundation for a relationship is the most important.
  • How hybrid workforce shifted sales and sales management.
  • Time zone proximity is more important than physical proximity.
  • Helen’s tips in retaining top talent. 


[23:22 - 29:50] Conversation Of Strategy

  • Helen talks about her favorite chapter from the book she made 
  • Things that sales manager can take away from her favorite chapter.
  • She also shares her strategies to keep her team being collaborative and motivated.


[29:50 - 35:50] Closing Segment

  • The plans after the book is out.
  • The book titled “Love Your Team” provides a form for thought leadership and engagement.


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Tweetable Quotes

“It's really all about building trust and foundation for a relationship.” - Helen Fanucci


“My point is you have time to connect with your team and actually it's the most important job that you have cuz they're the ones that will amplify your success.” - Helen Fanucci


“I would say time zone proximity is more important than physical proximity.” - Helen Fanucci


“This isn't just love and hearts and chocolate. You can't build a high performing team unless you also address the underperformers.” - Helen Fanucci