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Women Who Build Empires

May 8, 2020

Michelle Lynne, a highly creative interior design professional. She is the owner of ML Interiors Group and the founder of Designed for the Creative Mind, a company that teaches interior designers how to run their business instead of their business running them.  

She shares valuable insights on growing a strong team, and putting  your business on autopilot. No matter where you are in your business, Michelles tips will help you take the next steps to profitability and freedom.



- How did Michelle got started in the design career

- How to run a business with systems and processes that works even if the business owner is not around 

- Systems and processes is like a roadmap

- Reframing our money mindset and creating value to the business you offer

- What is stepping back from your skills to assume a leader's role?

- Growing a team is an investment, setting expectations and communication are the key

- The most rewarding role of being a leader

- Tips on how to create systems and processes that will work for any industry

- Courses and Resources offered at

- How to communicate boundaries with your clients?





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