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Women Who Build Empires

Apr 17, 2020

On today's show, I have the one and only, Brynne Tillman, a well known LinkedIn expert and CEO of Social Sales Link, a company dedicated to helping business development professionals grow their business by leveraging the power of LinkedIn for social selling. 

While most of us feel that LinkedIn isn’t particularly intuitive or user-friendly, Brynne will show us how using LinkedIn can become a powerful way to drive more sales. This is one episode you will want to listen all the way through.



- How not to be afraid of using LinkedIn and find the magic in it?

- Different ways that you can use LinkedIn

- How to identify what outcome you want to get from LinkedIn?

- How did Brynne learn about LinkedIn and became an expert on it?

- Three groups of people that her business is helping to benefit from using LinkedIn

- Challenges people face when starting to use LinkedIn

- Features in LinkedIn that are different for job seekers and business development professional

- How to utilize LinkedIn to provide business continuity and job offers while the quarantine is on with this Coronavirus?

- Other things you can do to connect and start engaging, building relationships while on quarantine.

- Brynne's experiences that honed her to be a great leader

- Why having a long rope and a lot of support is the best way to manage people?

- Brynne's initiatives that she plans to have her company venture in, in the near future

- "A Day in the Life of a Social Seller”, an ebook that provides a step-by-step template on how to utilize LinkedIn


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Resources: - An ebook by Brynne Tillman, “A Day in the Life of a Social Seller”



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