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Women Who Build Empires

Apr 3, 2020

Tyson Sharpe is an Emotional Fitness Coach and has years of expertise in helping his clients move from unconscious patterns of behavior that gets them stuck, to truly grow their businesses. In the episode, Tyson explains how abundance is a natural by-product of who you are and not what you have and how moving from an achiever mentality to a receiver will help you grow as the CEO of your business. 



- How to move from an achiever mentality into more of a receiver 

- How can entrepreneurs build their businesses from a place of consciousness

- His personal experience on transitioning from a place of lack and purpose and meaning to a place of abundance 

- How does meditation help in achieving higher-level guidance and higher-level creativity and inspirations

- The biggest trigger or patterns that holds most business owners 

- Listening to your inner calling and break away from what the society is telling you should be doing

- Sides of yourself that always shows up in your consciousness

- What “holding the space for these patterns and allowing them to transcend’ mean

- Different layers of fear 


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