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Women Who Build Empires

Mar 6, 2020

Cheldin Barlatt Rumer is the owner, creative director and creator of i-g creative, the parent company of This Is It Network, an interactive and digital TV network, which she recently launched. She is also the Executive producer and Host of This Is It TV, which has evolved into This Is It Network. Cheldin also aids in producing 14 other shows which aim to connect remarkable women with inspiring stories in addition to producing her morning digital program, This Is It With Cheldin. She has spent close to two decades creating, managing and executing strategic grassroots marketing campaigns for clients. 

Cheldin  has also developed an effective online marketing course and program called SCREAM YOUR DREAM, a digital and educational tool supporting the needs of small business owners, entrepreneurs and independent sales professionals who are looking to scale up their personal brand and marketing efforts to the next level. 

Cheldin joins me today to share everything that has happened since our last interview. She talks about her personal mission to serve her community of remarkable women, how the market evolved in a pivoted way and the biggest learning on her entrepreneurial journey. Furthermore, Cheldin also talks about her plans for growing a media empire and what she hopes to accomplish with her growing community. 




- The ‘Scream Your Dream’ philosophy

- The importance of being focused

- The effects of following the bouncing ball

- What qualifies as an inspiring story

- Cheldin’s perspective about personal branding

- The most difficult thing that Cheldin had to let go

- Cheldin’s longer term vision for her company

- How evaluation is monumental in your growth

- The importance of consistently sticking to a schedule



Cheldin Barlatt Rumer’s first interview:

Scream Your Dream - Personal Branding Training



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