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Women Who Build Empires

Feb 21, 2020

One summer night in May 2017, Chris Meade got together with his brother Greg Meade and their childhood friend Mike Delpapa. They reminisced about their recess days playing four square, their fondest childhood memory. Suddenly, an idea for a four-way volleyball game struck them and Cross Net was born. Cross Net is the world’s first of its kind four-way volleyball game that will help reinvent the way volleyball is being taught in the American school system. 

Chris Meade, Chief Revenue Officer of CROSSNET was set out to prove that despite not having enough experience as an entrepreneur, he was still able to grow their business. In less than 2 years into the business, they were able to hit $2.25 million in sales last year. This inspired them to continue creating huge goals for their business. They recently came out with an indoor model. 

In this episode, Chris Meade shares why they came up with this business idea and the strategies they used to rapidly scale their business. We talked about a lot of different topics that a lot of entrepreneurs are going to find really helpful. 




- How Chris effectively used Marketing and Social Media to grow his business

- Effective ways Chris handles rejection

- Revealing their biggest business challenge

- Their goals for 2020 and beyond

- What fuels Chris’ desire for success

- The biggest takeaway from this podcast



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