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Women Who Build Empires

Feb 14, 2020

Gina Cimineri is the Founder and Lead Wealth Management Advisor of the Cimineri Financial Group with clients in 28 states. She is also the host of the “Not Your 1950’s Housewife” Podcast, a podcast that has authentic conversations, helpful advice and that you’re not alone because you’re part of a tribe with lots of laughs. Starting a podcast was one of the things Gina has always wanted to do and said that it was part of her bucket list.  She is also the mother of 2 amazing kids, Gianna, 11 and Dominic, 9. Gina is a very outgoing person and enjoys laughing really hard with people, thinking outside the box, and chatting with people about their struggles. 

In today’s episode, Gina and I had a great conversation. We talked about our parenting style similarities and how her podcast came to fruition. Gina also shares some of the ways mindfulness helped her stay focused plus financial planning tips for men and women. Stay tuned for that. 



- Career and Motherhood: Ways Gina make it work 

- The benefits of meditation and mindfulness in her personal and professional life

- Reasons why Gina thinks apologizing to our child is important 

- Gina shares her key steps to building a great financial planning practice

- Learn about one of her favorite mantras that she lives by


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