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Women Who Build Empires

Jan 21, 2020

Andrew Walton is renowned for his ability to produce windfall income, install new profit centers, and maximize the value of client relationships & business systems…without spending any more money. 


He does this by identifying and tapping the overlooked opportunities, under-performing activities, and hidden assets that most business owners don’t even realize they have immediately available to them. 


Andrew has worked with top names in online marketing - including Neil Patel, Joel Erway, Steven Larsen, and Arne Giske. 


Listen in as Andrew shares the strategies for how he's made that all possible without burning out. 





  • How did Andrew come up with the idea of a performance-based agency? 
  • What are the benefits of operating on a performance basis 
  • The challenges he faced at the beginning of his business 
  • Lifestyle business: Is it real or a myth? 
  • How do Andrew uses his experiences and the knowledge he has and use to help clients build their businesses?
  • What is Andrew’s biggest learning experience when he started a performance-based business 


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