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Women Who Build Empires

Jan 3, 2020

Nick Cavuoto is a business coach, paid media expert and storyteller who specializes in personal branding, content production, and social media marketing.  


Let’s deep dive into this episode as Nick shares with us top of the mind strategies for digital marketing for 2020. He takes digital marketing at not just about posting content but taking it to a level of content and context about transparency, authenticity, personalization and speaking your truth.





  • His experience of growing up in a family of entrepreneurs
  • Important values learned from his dad and grandfather
  • What led his path to digital marketing
  • What is "authenticity" all about in the world of digital marketing
  • Why the need for personal story content that creates transparency
  • Important strategies to have for year 2020 from a digital marketing perspective
  • Everything is going to come down to “personalization”


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