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Women Who Build Empires

Nov 29, 2019

There has been a switch of roles lately, and this episode opens with it. Emi Kirschner is now on the other end of the microphone as the interviewee. Karen Cooley, one of the Tribe of Leaders Biz School members, will be the one asking her this time. It is so much fun and filled with inspiring thoughts.


Listen in to this episode as Emi shares about her life, career, passion, and goals. She is one energetic and passionate woman who has nothing in her heart and mind but making the world a beautiful place for everyone.


Be in the know for what is in store for her and everyone.




- How she got started as a business coach

- An amazing chef in her 

- What is "The Community Table"

- Talking about her ultimate goal

- What she's looking forward to in 2020

- Her goals for the next five to ten years


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